Compaction Equipment / SV213E


No machine in its class provides greater centrifugal force than the SV213E. From rough terrain to slopes up to 67 percent, the SV213E is a heavy-duty soil compactor that sets the standard for compaction strength and precision.


Higher Centrifugal Forces = Greater Compaction Power

The SV213E provides a range of centrifugal forces from 34,845 pounds up to 64,070 pounds for optimal compaction power.

King of the Hill

The CASE SV213E features a low center of gravity thanks to an axle-free design that allows the engine to sit lower in the frame. When matched with the optional automatic traction control and HX drive propulsion system, the roller can compact on grades up to 67 percent.

More Compact, Fuel Efficient Design

Improvements to the frame design, styling and machine layout have resulted in improved visibility and operation.

Operator Environment: Enhanced

Available in both cab and open ROPS configurations, E Series soil compactors feature a spacious, comfortable and intuitive operator environment with an adjustable seat that swivels up to 80 degrees, providing excellent visibility of the drum surface. An LED display integrated within the steering wheel further improves operation, visibility and access to critical machine information.

Power to the Ground

Performance on rough, uneven terrain is improved with an oscillating articulated roller joint that maintains consistent drum-to-ground contact, and an updated drum design reduces drift and maintains constant compaction throughout each rotation.

Groundline Serviceability for Simplicity

The E Series is designed for groundline serviceability with easy access at ground level to all fluid ports, drains, service checkpoints and filters.


  • Engine Power 134 hp (100 kW)
  • Operating Weight 27,730 lb (12 580 kg)