Compaction Equipment / SV208D


Designed with a low center of gravity, self-adjusting torque control system and high-traction hydrostatic drive system, the 74-hp SV208D provides constant power to the wheels and drum giving it the most climbing power in the industry – up to grades of 65%. Combined with a 66-inch drum that delivers best-in-class centrifugal forces, there's less slippage, more traction and improved compaction in fewer passes, saving fuel and reducing wear. And with the maintenance-free Tier 4 Final emissions solution and operator-friendly controls, it's an excellent addition to rental, residential or any fleet.


Purpose-Built Performance

The compaction advantage starts at the structure. With independent motors for the drum and each wheel, the axle-free hydrostatic drive system lets the engine sit lower, lowering the center of gravity for stronger drum-to-ground contact. Coupled with the oscillating articulated joint and optional traction assist system, drift is reduced and tractive effort is enhanced, enabling the machine to reliably climb and compact on rough terrain and steep grades of up to 65% (with high-torque HX Drive). Best-in-class centrifugal forces, combined with standard dual amplitude and frequency settings, and smooth drum, pad foot or pad shell configurations, allow for higher lifts and deeper compaction depths on a wide-range of soil types.

Common-Sense Fuel Efficiency

The SV208D is designed with an efficient Tier 4 Final engine solution made up of a DOC with CEGR (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst with Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation). This is a hassle-free emissions solution with no after-treatment solution to add, no exhaust filter to maintain and no additional involvement from the operator.

CASE Comfort & Visibility

Visibility behind a compactor is invaluable, as nearly half of operating time is spent in reverse. CASE D Series single drum rollers have one of the industry's lowest-profile hoods, letting operators see more with less strain. Coupled with an adjustable swivel seat that rotates 50 degrees, there's excellent visibility of the drum surface and all around the machine. A pressurized cab is available for added comfort with heat and A/C, radio-ready wiring and optional ACE Force Intelligence Compaction system with printer for on-the-spot reports.

Simple Serviceability

The SV208D maintains the CASE hallmark of easy maintenance with ground-level access to fluid ports, drains, checkpoints and maintenance items. Both the engine hood and operator platform have an electric-assist tilt and with the Tier 4 Final solution, there's no additional maintenance necessary.


  • Engine Power 74.3 hp (55.4 kW)
  • Operating Weight 15,170 lb (6 880 kg)