Compaction Equipment / DV26CD


The 34-hp Tier 4 Final DV26CD combi gives contractors the double-threat of a machine with the compacting power of a vibratory roller and the asphalt finishing ability of a pneumatic roller. Together with its no-overhang frame and maneuverable design, it's an ideal fit for walkways or bike paths, driveways, small parking lots or any application where the efficiency of a single machine is preferred. And like all CASE D Series rollers, this 2.6-ton model comes standard with dual frequency, auto vibration control, a pressurized water system and a no-hassle emissions solution.


Purpose-Built Performance

An inline drum with tapered edges and high curb clearance sits ahead of an oscillating articulation joint, providing precise and agile compaction capabilities in tight spaces. The drum delivers 10,566 lb. of centrifugal force and is assisted by standard features such as dual frequency and auto vibration stop, which (when activated) will turn off vibration in neutral to reduce the risk of divots.

The kneading action of the four rear pneumatic tires results in fewer voids, a smoother surface and a better seal, and can be complemented with an optional ACE Force Intelligent Compaction System for on-the-spot measurements and documentation. To reduce the risk of asphalt pickup, a pressurized water system with two-stage filtration provides reliable and constant flow to the drum and tires.

Common-Sense Fuel Efficiency

The DV26CD utilizes an efficient Tier 4 Final solution that requires minimal involvement from the operator. There is no additional fluid to add and no regeneration downtime. It's compliance made simple.

CASE Comfort & Visibility

An ISO-mounted operator platform minimizes vibration, much to the praise of backs everywhere, and with a lateral-sliding, spinning seat, operators have clear, comfortable sightlines to front drum edges, rear tires and both sides of the machine. Functions such as vibration control, sprinkler on/off and horn are built into the operation lever on the seat so that operators won't have to take their eyes off the pavement to reach for the dash. The sensitivity of the electronic control lever can also be adjusted to the operator's liking. And to help combat sun, rain and cold, a canopy and heated seat are also available.

Simple Serviceability

Maintenance is made easy with an engine hood that flips forward for full access to all daily checkpoints, fill ports, drains and engine service items, all of which are conveniently located on one side of the machine. A lockable external fuel cap saves time with each fill-up and the Teflon articulation joint provides long-lasting life.


  • Engine Power 33.5 hp | 25 kW
  • Operating Weight 5,170 lb | 2 345 kg