Compaction Equipment / DV23D


At an operating weight of nearly 5,000 lb. and with a hydrostatic drum drive and standard dual frequency, the 34-hp DV23D packs premium performance into a compact frame that's ideal for small asphalt applications. With its intuitive, ergonomic controls and excellent sightlines, operators of any skill level can easily achieve consistent compaction throughout each and every pass, saving time on the job. And the low-maintenance Tier 4 Final emissions solution meets emission regulations with minimal involvement from operators.


Purpose-Built Performance

The DV23D comes standard with dual vibration control, as well as an auto vibration stop switch, providing smooth compaction during starts or stops and across a range of surface densities. Its compact frame has no overhangs on the front, side or rear of the machine, letting you work alongside or up against curbs, buildings and obstacles. And with the hydraulically adjusted drum offset, there's greater maneuverability and reduced chance of tearing through turns. Also, unlike gravity-fed systems, the pressurized water system maintains consistent flow to all nozzles on hills or in wind, and has filtration at both the fill point and in the system to reduce the risk of clogs.

Common-Sense Fuel Efficiency

The DV23D delivers fuel-efficient performance and meets Tier 4 Final emission standards while requiring minimal effort from the operator. With its DOC system (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst), there's no exhaust fluid to add and no regeneration necessary.

CASE Comfort & Visibility

Thanks to a tapered, low-profile hood and a lateral-sliding suspension seat, operators can easily see around the machine and to all drum edges. The control lever is integrated into the seat structure and conveniently has vibration and sprinkler switches built into the joystick instead of the dashboard. This gives operators full, responsive control without having to take their eyes off the pavement. To minimize vibrations, the operator's platform is isolated from the chassis and mounted on heavy-duty shock absorbers. Additional comfort options include a weather canopy and heated seat.

Simple Serviceability

All fluid ports, drains, filters and service checkpoints are grouped on one side of the machine for simplified maintenance. Sprinkler heads are also easily accessible and the adjustable drum scraper helps reduce maintenance requirements.


  • Engine Power 33.5 hp | 25 kW
  • Operating Weight 4,920 lb | 2 230 kg