Backhoe Loaders / 580N


The backhoe that set the standard now comes standard with more of the features that operators and businesses want. Fuel-saving ECO Mode, the precision of ProControl, SiteWatch™ Telematics – all included. And an optional PowerDrive transmission gives you even greater responsiveness and speed around the jobsite. Whether in rental, landscaping or looking to add a do-it-all machine to your construction fleet, the CASE 580N backhoe brings versatile, powerful and efficient performance.


Purpose-Built Performance 

Long, heavy-duty loader arms with dual in-line cylinders can lift more than 6,800 lb. and easily clear dump truck walls, and with the backhoe's universal coupler option works with most attachments (factory-installed thumb also available). The Comfort Steer option cuts time by cutting lock-to-lock turns in half for repetitious loading jobs. For load-and-carry work or during travel, the exclusive over-center design and Ride Control option help reduce material-spilling bounce of the machine and the bucket, and with automatic drive engagement of the optional PowerDrive transmission, you'll have responsive speed into the pile and around the site. With the Extendahoe® configuration, the backhoe can achieve depths of over 18 feet and with the standard ProControl system, any operator can precisely control the boom for faster cycles.

Common-Sense Fuel Efficiency 

We know saving fuel is important. That's why our Economy Package comes standard. It includes ECO Modes for the loader and backhoe as well as an Engine Auto-Idle and Auto-Off, which can be adjusted to set their timing to how you work. And of course, with the SCR Tier 4 Final after-treatment system (Selective Catalytic Reduction), you get fuel savings without compromising power.

CASE Comfort & Visibility 

The little things make a big difference. Like a fully integrated loader control lever and the joystick FNR (standard on PowerDrive transmissions) that lets you shift without letting go of the wheel. Or infinitely adjustable pilot control towers and adjustable wrist rests to help anybody work more comfortably. Or optional LED lights that provide more visibility with less power drain on those long nights and a low-profile hood that gives better sight of the bucket. There's also hands-free Bluetooth with USB, lots of cab options and a hand-stitched, multi-colored, heated suspension seat – the list goes on. Come see for yourself.

Simple Serviceability 

Daily maintenance doesn't get much easier. Check your engine oil, transmission fluid or coolant, and fill-up the fuel and DEF tank (Diesel Exhaust Fluid), all from one ground-level spot. The 580N also offers externally adjustable Extendahoe wear pads so you can quickly tighten up any dipper slop. A battery disconnect and jumpstart terminals – both standard – provide added security and convenient access, and with the SCR-only Tier 4 Final solution, there's no particulate filter maintenance to worry about.


  • Engine Power 90 hp | 67 kW
  • Dig Depth 14 ' 8 " (4460 mm)