Farmers Edge

Smarter Farming, Your Way

Titan Machinery has partnered with Farmers Edge because they share in our mission to serve our customers better through growth – that is, providing you the expertise, industry know-how, and tools to do more with less. Farmers Edge is a sophisticated suite of farm management tools to help you make smarter decisions for your farm. But it’s not just about tools; Farmers Edge is backed by a world-class support team who will operate on your terms – providing the guidance you need to take the guesswork out of farming. Growers who have worked with Farmers Edge consistently report increased yields, improved decision making, and increased operational efficiency. Farmers Edge can be the extra set of hands (and eyes) your farm needs, without adding to your payroll. 

Two Farmers Edge precision technology users in field with Case IH Magnum
“For less money than what I had been paying for soil testing, I started getting my recommendations and planning prescriptions, fertilizer, and maps. I started getting a lot of things that I wasn’t getting from my other guy.” ~ Mark Simmons, Farmers Edge Customer

Here's what growers have to say

“They put the whole picture together, and that’s what I was looking for.” 

“It was a pretty simple decision at that point, after hearing the different things that they can do.”

“That’s where they excel, because of that personal relationship and the fact that they’re not just trying to do a one-program-fits-all producer.”