For over 70 years MacDon has provided industry-leading harvesting solutions to farmers. Today, that tradition continues with the MacDon FD2 series FlexDraper heads. Joining the legendary FD1 series FlexDraper head, together they provide the most productive, highest value-added line of combine draper heads in the industry. Draper heads allow operators to run at higher ground speeds and harvest the most difficult, bushy, tangled crops. MacDon’s line-up of industry-leading combine draper heads offers a solution for virtually any crop, any field condition and any brand/model of combine. Titan Machinery is one of the largest MacDon distributors in the world. We have more experience selling and servicing MacDon Flex-Drapers and have more new and used MacDon Flex available in inventory.




Customers value MacDon FlexDraper combine heads for their ability to perform in the toughest crop and field conditions across a wide range of combine makes and models. MacDon FD1 series of combine heads come in working widths from 25’-45’ and have unique design features that allow them to closely follow the contour of the field and efficiently feed the combine while minimizing crop loss in a variety of small grain and oilseed crops. Features include:

  • Active Float System. Simple, mechanical coil-spring system provides instant float response independent of the feeder house. With up to 7" of vertical float and up to 24" of lateral float, MacDon FlexDraper heads follow the contour of the ground resulting in a tight, even cut and more bushels in the hopper.
  • FeedMax System. MacDon FD1 series FlexDraper heads are designed to be easily adapted to a wide range of combine make/models. Whether you run a red combine, yellow combine, green combine or something else, MacDon’s FeedMax system tailors the speed of the feed auger, auger flighting and finger patterns to match the feeder housing of your specific combine make/model. The result – up to 20% increase in capacity.
  • Unique Reel Design. The reel on the MacDon FD1 series draper head features a uniquely shaped cam which picks up the crop before it’s cut. Coupled with a split-reel design to follow field contours and maintain a consistent reel-to-cutterbar gap, crop flows efficiently across the cutterbar and onto the draper in even the most difficult field conditions.
  • Active Crop Flow. Even, heads-first crop flow is crucial for optimizing the threshing capacity of your combine. MacDon’s Active Crop Flow system ensures even the toughest crops are fed head-first into the feeder house, which is especially important in damp or tough crop conditions.

Options including in-cab side draper control, upper cross-auger, ContourBuddy gauge wheels, and slow speed transport package allow you to customize your FD1 series draper head to best fit your operation.




MacDon FD2 series FlexDrapers offer the ultimate in draper header performance with models from 30’-50’ in working width. Incorporating the major design components of the legendary MacDon FD1 series including the Active Float System and the FeedMax system, FD2 FlexDraper heads raise the bar even higher with additional profit-maximizing features including:

  • Flex-Float Technology. The contour-following abilities of the FD2 FlexDraper is up to 70% greater than FD1 draper heads. The MacDon 3-section F2 combine draper head feature up to 17" of flex while maintaining a consistent reel-to-cutterbar relationship.
  • 3 Piece Reel. Optional on 40’ models and standard on 45’ and 50’ MacDon FD2 series FlexDraper heads, the 3 piece reel design maintains a closer, more consistent reel-to-cutterbar gap across the entire head in difficult terrain. This allows for better cutting of the crop,  minimizing potential head loss while promoting smoother feeding onto the side draper belts.
  • ClearCut High-Speed Knife Drive. Wider heads, tough-cutting hybrids and difficult crop conditions require more power to the cutterbar. MacDon’s ClearCut High-Speed Cutting System delivers more torque through a larger output shaft. Combined with a flywheel and a direct hydraulic drive system, the FD2 draper head delivers the power to cut cleaner at higher operating speeds.
  • ClearCut Knife Sections. ClearCut knife sections provide over 25% more cutting surface for faster, cleaner cut quality at higher harvest speeds. In addition, fitted bolts make swapping out knives in the field a quick and easy process, further increasing Uptime.
  • New 50" Deep Draper Belts. Feed faster, handle bulkier crops better with MacDon’s 50" deep draper belts. Designed to accommodate the bulkiest, most tangled crops the new wider draper belts ensures even crop flow without plugging or crop loss.

Additional options include VertiBlade vertical knife end dividers, full-length upper cross-auger, ContourMax gauge wheels, and EasyMove transport package allow you to customize your FD1 series draper head to best fit your operation.